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Google Advanced Search Template

This custom engine will give you one-click access to advanced search templates when searching on Google

google advance

Add new engine

The engine content is as follows{Please enter the restricted file type, filetype:doc/ filetype:ppt/ filetype:xls/ filetype:pdf}%input{Restricted language/Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/Chinese/Japanese/English,&lr=lang_zh-CN/&lr=lang_zh-TW/&lr=lang_zh-CN|lang_zh-TW/&lr=lang_ja/&lr=lang_en}%input{Please enter the restriction date/past hour /Past day/Past week/Past month/Past year,&as_qdr=h1/&as_qdr=d1/&as_qdr=w1/&as_qdr=m1/&as_qdr=y1}&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8

Among them, represents the search content. %input represents the search template, where / , | is a reserved character, / is the drop-down menu separator, , is the separator between options and the specific content corresponding to the option, | The separator between each item in the drop-down menu and the tooltip for that item.

The full format is %input{drop-down box option 1|description of option 1/drop-down box option 2/description of option 2, content of option 1/content of option 2}.

Multiple %input can be inserted at different positions.

Then click on "More Options" and enter https://www\.google\..*/search in "Match the current engine according to the regular pattern of the page URL", which means that the advanced version will only be displayed when Google search is opened. search.