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Block trolls on any website with one click

Through this custom engine, you will be able to block trolls, trolls, and trolls on any website with one click, break through restrictions, have unlimited blacklists, and take advantage of platform community forums.

Add preset highlight grouping

A preset group is a set of data that can be reused through the group name.

Create a new group in the search bar in the settings page, for example, the group name is weibo, and the group content is in the form of /a123456/li (l represents the filter link, i represents case-insensitive, a123456 is the user ID you want to block, here placeholder)

Add highlighting rules

Open the target website (such as weibo), alt+` to bring up the highlighted input box, click the button on the right side of the input box to add a highlighted search term, the search term is @weibo (which means pointing to the weibo group content), hide the parent element , adjust the parent depth according to the level, adjust the effective range of the element as needed, and save the highlighting rules.

Add engine

Add an engine in the link processing group with the content find.addto(weibo):%t.replace(/.*u\//,""), which means that the ID after u/ in the link (%t) will be specified. Extract it and add it to the weibo group. Fill in according to the url regular match: u/\d+, which means that the engine will only appear when the username link containing u/xxxxx is called.


After the settings are completed, you can block them with one click on the website. Press and hold the right button on the annoying user, click on the blocking engine you added, and the user will be blocked. At this time, you can also share this rule with others, and others can use it right out of the box.