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Download youtube videos with one click

Through this custom engine, you will be able to download the video of the current page with one click when browsing the youtube web page

download video

Download lux

lux is an open source command line video download library and CLI tool, which can be downloaded here (

After opening the project Github, click Releases to enter the download page and download the specified application according to your operating system.

Download ffmpeg

ffmpeg is a video decoder, and lux requires the cooperation of this decoder to merge videos. Available for download here.

After downloading, you will get a 7z compressed file, and decompress \bin\ffmpeg.exe for later use.

Organize lux

Place lux.exe and ffmpeg.exe in the same folder and record the path, for example D:\Program Files\lux

Add new engine

Open the SearchJumper configuration page and add an engine to the "Current Web Page" group of your SearchJumper.

Click "Add Custom Local Application Call" at the bottom of "Edit Site".

Fill in "D:\Program Files\lux\lux.exe" %u in the calling command, and click to generate a registry patch. Remember to replace the path with the path you saved above.

At this time, the registry patch will be automatically generated. Click to import the registry, and then save the edited site.

One-click download

On the Youtube video playback page, hold down ctrl and right-click, and click on your newly added engine lux to download the video.