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Congratulations on successfully installing SearchJumper, a powerful auxiliary search tool!

Now, enjoy the new world of search! However, before you get started, read the following instructions to ensure you're maximizing SearchJumper's potential:

Read the tutorial

This guide will provide you with detailed operating instructions and techniques to help you better master the use of SearchJumper.

Join our Discord group

Discord Group

We have a friendly and vibrant community on Discord and we warmly welcome you to join us! In this group, you can connect with other users, share experiences, and gain valuable information. Join our Discord group and you'll stay up to date with the latest developments in SearchJumper. We look forward to exploring the unlimited potential of SearchJumper with you!

SearchJumper is an open source project. As a user, you can support the continued development and improvement of the project by donating. Your donation will go directly toward the future development of SearchJumper, including investing in the development of new features, improving performance, and providing ongoing support to the user community. Thank you for your support of the SearchJumper project, your donation will help us continue to scale new heights.

Check out the recommendation engine collection

SearchJumper offers a carefully selected collection of engines. These engines are rigorously screened to ensure their reliability and relevance. By checking out this collection, you'll discover tools specifically integrated for a specific domain. Don't be afraid to try different engines to find the one that best suits your needs. SearchJumper will open the door to unlimited knowledge for you.

Congratulations again and have fun using SearchJumper!

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