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SearchJumper Automation

Below, I will introduce you to the automation functions of SearchJumper, including automatic simulation operations, automatic highlighting of specified text, automatic crawling and display of information, and show you how to use these functions to optimize your search experience.

1. Automatic simulation operation


Sometimes, you have to perform some repetitive operations on some websites, such as downloading a picture and then opening another website to upload it, or selecting a category tag and then pasting the keyword and pressing Enter, or pasting a video link. Go to an offline network disk and confirm the download. SearchJumper provides the function of automated simulation, allowing you to operate more quickly. When you are browsing the web, if you want to automate operations, just open the SearchJumper add engine panel, click the palm button, add click/enter/wait operations and add it as an engine. The next time you run your newly added engine, the simulation will proceed according to your settings. This automated operation saves you the steps of manual click input and improves efficiency.

2. Automatically highlight specified text


SearchJumper also provides the function of automatically highlighting specified text to help you browse search results more conveniently. When you open a search results page or a page opened by a results page, SearchJumper will automatically highlight the keywords or phrases you searched for. In this way, you can quickly locate content related to your search, saving time and energy in reading. You can also enter keywords in the on-page search input box and save them as highlighting rules, so that the next time you open the page, the text on the page will be highlighted according to the rules you set. Use the /re/ format when highlighting to perform regular search, or add regular search terms through the add button on the right side of the on-page search box. For other rules, place the mouse on the on-page search input box to view instructions.

3. Automatically capture information and display it


SearchJumper also has the function of automatically crawling and displaying information, allowing you to obtain relevant information about search results more directly. After you set up automatic crawling engines and select keywords, when you hover the mouse over the corresponding engine icon in the search tile, SearchJumper will automatically crawl the information and display it in the form of a pop-up window. In this way, you can quickly preview the corresponding content and understand relevant information, which improves the efficiency of information acquisition.

With SearchJumper's automation features, you can save time and effort and make your search experience more efficient and accurate. Automatically simulate operations, automatically highlight specified text, and automatically capture and display information, allowing you to find the information you need more quickly and gain an in-depth understanding of relevant content. Try SearchJumper and see the difference it makes in your search experience! We look forward to hearing your valuable opinions and feedback in order to provide you with better services.